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Gilbert’s Disease

Is a common benign condition of the liver caused by inherited gene mutation. You are born with it. Generally it is a harmless condition that is undiagnosed for years and found accidentally when a blood test is done to check the liver enzymes as part of the routine physical examination. The Bilirubin level is increased moderately due to lower levels of the Bilirubin processing enzyme. To confirm this diagnosis, I do an additional blood test called Direct and Total Bilirubin which confirms the diagnosis by eliminating other serious liver diseases. It is more common in males.

Signs and Symptoms

  • Mild Jaundice (Yellowing of whites of eyes)
  • Certain medications irinotecan (Camptosar), a cancer chemotherapy drug, can reach toxic levels if you have Gilbert's syndrome, causing severe diarrhea. Some protease inhibitors used to treat HIV cause elevated levels of bilirubin in people with Gilbert's syndrome.
  • Stress may cause increase in Jaundice.

The Causes

It is caused by genetic abnormality. The abnormal gene that causes Gilbert's syndrome is common. Many people carry one copy of this abnormal gene. Two abnormal copies are usually needed to cause Gilbert's syndrome. You have an increased risk of Gilbert's syndrome if both of your parents carry the abnormal gene that causes the disorder.


No treatment is needed

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